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Lilt'n'Tang - Blow Boys Blow

Flute, Whistle, Vocals, Producer, Co-Director,

Engineer, Mixer,

Sean FayeCullen - I Hate to Say I Said It

Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musical Director

Masanga Marimba Ensemble - Maiyo Maiyo

Asst. Director, Composer, Marimba, Vocals, Percussion, Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixer

CSUN Jishin Taiko - Arashi

Founder, Composer, Faculty Adviser, Engineer, Mixer

Crespi Carmelite H.S. Taiko - Stepping Up

Composer, Assistant Teacher, Flute Instructor, Engineer, Mixer

Tim O'Gara - The Underground Waltz

Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Ghost Tiger - Birdfeeder

Producer, Engineer, Mixer

KaiGuys - Dattan Kaikyou

Sanxian, Bkg Vocals, Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Joel Mankey - Rundown

Composer, Lyrics, Vocals, Trumpet, Flute, Production, Engineer, Mixer

Joel Mankey - Issho ni Odorimashou

Composer, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Cajon, Sanxian, Production, Engineer, Mixer


Artist - Song Title

Joel's Credits on the Recording

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